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Frequently Asked Questions

When do performers need to arrive?

Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your session time. Due to capacity limits we cannot have many people congregating, waiting to access change rooms etc. However, there is a registration desk and a QR code to scan on arrival which may cause some delays so factor this in when you arrive.


What is the QR code?

This link will take you to a registration form that you will need to complete each day you are at BDF 2020. This is to ensure our event is COVID safe with particular COVID questions and wavier questions. You can complete this prior to arriving via this link and confirmation must be shown to the volunteer on the registration desk. If you do not get a green tick you will not be able to attend.


How do I get my allocated tickets?


Tickets have been allocated per studio, please refer to your studio director for information on how they are allocating their tickets.



The tickets have been allocated to each dancer; it is imperative you stick to your allocated ticket for COVID requirements. This will be available to pick up from the registration desk on arrival to the event. Each dancer will be given an envelope with ALL allocated tickets for every session they are performing in. PLEASE do not misplace these as no ticket = no entry to auditorium. The break down on how many tickets each dancer is provided is purely based on the number of performers in each session, the less performers, more tickets have been allocated. Please see below a breakdown of this per session.


How many tickets will I get for my soloist?

A break down of tickets per session is below.

Studio = tickets allocated to studio for troupe sessions

Number = allocation for solo dancers only for that session.







Can I help my performer get changed?

No, we have spoken to every studio and are aware of those who do not have a teacher present. Due to COVID restrictions and numbers in the change rooms this was outlined in our COVID rules very early on. Studio rooms have already been allocated and teacher attendance has been noted and they help the dancers with any costume changes.


Can I change my performers hair?

No, this rule was set out very early on and performers are expected to arrive with their hair done for the day. However, if you are dancing on different days you can have different hair the next day, but no changes are to be made during the day. The adjudicator is very aware of this rule and may choose to disqualify any performer who disregards this.

You may have different hair pieces though for each routine.


Where do I collect Trophies and prize money?

This will be at the Canteen, and not at the trophy table we had in the auditorium previous years to limit numbers coming into the auditorium and to maximise numbers for people to be able to watch. These can be collected after the completion of the session the performer has danced in.


How do I access the adjudicators Crit reports?

This is done online! Another change that was needed due to COVID was less handling of paper and we have moved to doing this online. This is through the same program the music is uploaded to and will be linked to your entries. is where your crits will be uploaded!

Please be patient as these are not instant, and we are trying to upload these at the completion of each session and endeavour to get these up asap, however once uploaded there is a small delay on when these are available through your log in. It is best to log on via a computer/laptop as on the phone you will be able to see the folder but it may come up as empty.

Thank you

Will there be a canteen?

YES, we are very pleased that we can still provide our canteen in these times however our BBQ will not be running. We are able to accept payments by card this year and encourage this to reduce money transfer and following COVID regulations. However, cash will still be available if needed.

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